Our Family Farm

One nut at a time!

Our Farm

UmpquaNut Farm rests near the Umpqua River encompassing 38 acres of hazelnuts in southern Oregon. The farm was originally planted to prunes in 1908 by Bill's grandfather. Bill and Elin Miller began buying back this family farm in the 1990's.  They started to  develop their hazelnut orchard in 2000, while commuting from various parts of the United States. As of January 2009, they  made Umpqua their home. 

Bill and Elin recently launched Umpqua Vineyards with friends Mike and Connie Lopera on the Murphy Farm which has been in the family since the mid 1800's. Once a sheep ranch, this farm now hosts various clones of Pinot Noir, Muscat and Tempranillo.

Elin also spends her time serving on various boards. See her website at www.elinmiller.com.

Why Umpqua?

 The Enis variety of hazelnut is the largest and highest quality nut produced. Enis acreage has nearly disappeared in the Willamette Valley of Oregon due to a disease that has infested that region. Thus far, through preventative practices, the disease has not reached our beautiful Umpua Valley.    Below is a view when the orchard was only 6 years old...a time for all seasons.