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 Oregon produces nearly all the hazelnuts in the United States, but less that 5% of the world market. Given the quality of Oregon Hazelnuts, particularly Enis, demand reaches into Europe and China for Oregon and, in particular, Umpqua Valley product.  Trade with these regions are important to the industry.

UmpquaNut Farm also invested in micro sprinklers which provide low volume irrigation at critical times during the growing season. This has allowed our trees to grow quickly and uniformly, once again, producing a high quality nut. This system also provides irrigation with no run-off potential into the river. 

We also practice Integrated Pest Management which uses biological monitoring, soil sampling and other methods to make pest management decisions and reduce the amount of inputs needed on  our farm.

In light of concerns about food safely, we also have a seven foot fence aroud the property which prevents potential external contamination. 

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Planted acres of hazelnuts have nearly doubled since we first planted our orchard.  We are part of a very dynamic industry you can learn more at http://oregonhazelnuts.org/ve

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